Upgrades are going well!

5 of my 16 PVC enclosures i commissioned are completed, the reorganization and moving snakes around has begun!


I can’t wait to see what you do with the place after you get all 16!


Its 2AM, so the 5th one will have to wait. Its going where the brown box is. As for the other 11, i can fit at least 7 more across the side wall, then i plan to make a sort of walkway with the other 4. If i stack the 4 2 high, i can out the snakes still remaining in tanks on top of them. All the remaining tubbed snakes will be moved into enclosures. The real fun is when the 16 slot ARS rack arrives… thats gonna be a task, but all of my tanks will be replaced with that, so im confident i can make the squeeze haha. The ceiling is a little over 8 foot, so i should be able to stack the PVC 4 high when that comes in.

On a side note, yes i know the waterdish is knocked over, its empty because she does this every time, and i donr want her filling her tank with water. Ill be getting a more stable water dish shortly. Was hoping it would work out, but it cant cope when she climbs in haha.