Used all my odds on one clutch again

Last year I had a ridiculous VPI Snow clutch, this year it’s a ridiculous Orange Dream clutch. Same male ironically.

Pairing: VPI Axanthic Het Albino x Orange Dream

Result - 4.3 OD 100% Het VPI 50% Het Albino

This was clutch 2 so hopefully the odds gods don’t check out on me now with 14-15 clutches still to go. I was just trying to make 1.1 of these to hold back but I’ll take it lol.


I really need to start reading up on ball python morphs so i can better participate in discussion. Is there any good literature you would recommend?

Also, congrats and best of luck on the rest of your clutches!


Thank you!

Morphs are probably easiest learned by repetition and osmosis. Watch a lot you tube videos and go to local reptile shows. NERD used to have a good morph description section on their website. If it’s still there it’s pretty handy. Kevin McCurley also has a couple of books that I’ve heard are good, but I couldn’t say from experience. Ralph Davis’ website has a lot of good stuff on it once you figure out how to navigate it. His old youtube videos are great too. You want to start with the foundational elements so older videos will be more helpful that trying to watch a current NERD video where everything is 7 genes +++.

It’s mostly nuance and it helps to have hatched a lot of base morphs and watched them grow. There is a lot of variation in each mutation and that can make it really tough sometimes. I’ve hatched hundred of ball pythons and it can still be hard to ID gene’s that I haven’t produced. That’s also where networking in the community comes in. My friends help me figure stuff out as often as I do it on my own lol.


That is one reason i went with carpet pythons haha, the number of morphs in ball pythons was just so extensive, i would never be able to focus with anything resembling a plan haha! Carpets only have a few morphs and subspecies, so was pretty quick to pick up.

Good call on watching earlier videos, id never be able to isolate individual genes when theres 7+ that i dont even know what they do xD. I have watched some Nerd videos, but got lost so easy! Though from what i did see, Kevin seemed to be very knowledgeable of his snakes!


I burned all my odds on the most recent clutch to hatch. Visual x het, all babies were visual, three of them were four gene combo and the last one was a three gene combo


Wow, those are really good odds!


Nice! Every time I get lucky I just assume the season is over at that point lol.


We have something in progress :blush:

Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress) Part 2


Very helpful! Thank you!

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