VE-100 Thermostat Problem

So, I have a VE-100 thermostat that suddenly quit heating properly awhile back.

I opened it up to see if I could determine if maybe the fuse had blown… but there’s one slight problem.

Where the heck is the fuse located? How do I get to it? I removed the top part of the housing to expose the board and circuitry, but can’t figure out where the fuse is actually at.

I can’t seem to find any information online about this, even though you’d think they have some sort of tutorial or something to show this.

Thanks for any help!

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The fuse on all my VE thermostats are on the back next to the power plug-in for the thermostat. You should see an image beside the cord. Attaching a photo of where it is. You should also see a small fuse emblem where it is located. VE also included spares with all mine. Yours may have also.


Here is the instruction guide for the VE 300x2 on replacing the fuse. Cannot get to the box for one of my VE 100. Both should be the same on replacing the fuse only difference maybe the fuse size used.


Thank you! I checked and it seems the fuse is fine, and I did locate the spare one as well.

I wonder if the probe itself failed, and that’s why it stopped heating. I believe there’s some sort of failsafe to prevent it from overheating in the case something like that happens?

I might be able to plug in the probe that’s being used with the VE-300 on my other incubator, now that I have no more eggs in there, and test it out that way!

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That would be where I would start since you have an available spare probe. Depending on what you are using the thermostat for it could be the source (heat pad, heat tape etc) that has failed. If it is heat tape/pad etc you could plug it in without the thermostat to see if it heats. Only as a troubleshooting step and not permenant solution!!! I would slide tubs slightly out or remove the pad before I do that step to get the enclosure/tub off the heat source just in case something starts to run out of control. If it heats then your issue is something with the thermostat/probe. If it is the thermostat or probe wait till you have the replacement before you run the heat again. I am sure you are aware of not running a thermostat but I always have to stress that when giving advice on heating enclosures/tubs.

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I would like to also add that since you have the spare fuse I would also try it. Would not hurt and unless you can test the fuse it could be bad and you cannot see it. I have been tricked by fuses in the past.

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Hope this helps. Let me know if I can assist further.