Venomous Section

Will Morph Market ever get a Venomous Marketplace? It would be great if it did.


That would be so cool, I’ve always wanted to send a surprise cobra to someone


I would love a venomous section on the marketplace.


Ehh, I’m sort of opposed to it. I think if they do add one, then some way of making sure that the customer is doing it legally and with a license would help a lot.


Well here are the problems with doing this. First off, many if not all states require a permit/certification of some kind to own venomous snakes so if your average Joe managed to start selling venomous on MM what if some other person who wasn’t qualified wanted to buy it? What is in place to stop this? It also depends on what a venomous section would be comprised of. Are we just going to have mild hots like Asian vine snakes and hog noses or things like vipers, cobras, and the like? If it ends up being added I think it should have a whole process behind it like the buyer and seller must both be qualified to buy it and things in place like that. Just doing this so @john sees this and can add his thoughts on this.


I will play the devil’s advocate here but if that is a requirement than should it not be a requirement for all species sold as well? And should something like that really fall on MM or the seller?

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That is a fair argument. I’m curious to know your opinion on this because I personally think it would fall on the seller. My biggest fear of this is people buying venomous snakes just because it looks cool to them and then getting bit from lack of experience.


I don’t know why it would be a requirement for all species, that’s ridiculous. It’s a venomous snake, meaning someone could easily be bit/hurt. Lots of species can hurt you yes, but do we really want to take the risk of someone buying a venomous snake that has no idea what they’re doing? Do we want to risk lives and more of the reputation of the hobby on selling to inexperienced keepers when it comes to a venomous species? I think that morph market needs to be careful of what they sell, as a lot of the time people try and buy venomous species because they look cool. Same with the crocodillians section, but that’s a whole nother topic.


The sad part is that at many shows I had people offer me things like gilla monsters and venomous animals under the table for surprisingly low prices which a newbie to the hobby could easily afford. I have seen things such as rattlers going for 400 bucks which just about anyone in the hobby can afford, some ball pythons are even cheaper than that so to me that is scariest part.


Oof, that’s a yikes from me. I don’t think I could ever work with venomous reptiles unless I have supervision and a ton of experience. No thanks!

That’s not ridiculous that is called being fair if you want someone to verify that something is sold in full compliance of laws and permits that that should be a requirement for all and this is something that should fall on the breeder. It would be impossible for MM to verify that anyway. (there is no way to verify that a sale occurred or did not occur in the first place)

Do I like the idea of Hots? No but there are a lot of things I don’t like and that can be big liabilities.

If hot became available on MM it would not put more people at risk, hots are pretty easy to find already anyway.


I tend to disagree but understand where you’re coming from.

This is why we need a venomous section. It seems alot people are misinformed about the venomous snake hobby. There is quit atleast 7 States that don’t require permits. Most people in the hobby are not the idiots you see on YouTube. We are a large group of responsible keepers and breeders. Just like the rest of the non venomous keepers on here. I have went through a small interview for every purchase I have made. I also have refused to sell far more than I have sold. They already sell venomous spiders on mm. It would be nice to have a one stop shop.


I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure these have killed people. There is more of them for sale on mm than this. So we can have these on here but can’t have snakes. Makes no sense to me at all. Seems like hypocrisy to me.


Before you used words like Hypocrisy and can’t have venemous snakes no one said you can’t have venemous snakes on MM it’s something that is being requested, MM is an ever growing platform but you can’t have everything you want yesterday (even though that’s are most people think those days), it takes time just like the invert section which you pulled those ads from was did not exist a year ago it actually just launched recently.

MM has changed and added a lot of categories over the last 5 years considering at the beginning it was only a Ball Python market place.