Very Confused

Guess paper towel rolls are on the menu tonight. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Very confused California Kingsnake.


That’s much too large of a meal!

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Such a dork. <3

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The elusive paper towel roll, a critically endangered species (especially after last yrs covid related paper plunder nightmare) in its natural habitat being preyed upon by the snake. David Attenborough voice

I thought we couldn’t show live feedings here lol.


must be in the air, this girl is trying to eat tje vacuum hose.


I think that must be inherent to Californian Kingsnakes. The first snake I ever owned as a kid was a Cal King who was obsessed with anything sweaty. He would bite and chew on sweaty shirts, socks… and people! Super friendly snake that wasn’t aggressive at all, but if you were sweaty all of a sudden it was like he was a dog and you were a chew toy. And he never struck at you, just randomly grabbed you or whatever article of clothing he wanted and started chewing. Still miss him to this day.