Wanted Section aka In Search Of Alerts [#1005]

@eaglereptiles That’s a good workaround I have basically been doing that. I want to start getting clowns by the middle/end of this year and I have about 4 guys I like so I have their pages saved to keep up.


If anyone is unsure about how to do this:

Add a Store to Home screen in Chrome

Open up Chrome and find the store you wish to save on Morphmarket, then press the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Then find where it says “Add to home screen”

Then you will see a pop-up asking you to rename the “App”.

Once you have clicked ‘Add’ you will find the “app” on your home screen.

Best tag @martin_ender to make sure he doesn’t mind being used in a example :grin:.

I’m not sure about other browsers but I don’t see the process being much different.


The way we would address this is not with a Want To Buy section but with a highly requested feature we call Alerts.

The way it’d work is kind of like saving a search, which will then email you when it finds new stuff.

It’s on the long list. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to utilize it when it goes live. Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump this back up, but how do you think a wanted category/topic would go @john?

Say for a example, a user that is looking for a Clown het Piebald can comment nothing more than what they are after, and replies can come in no form other than a store link.

Here is sort of what I mean…

Wanted Topic

Top level comment -
“0.1 Clown het Piebald - Adult”

“I will have one that will be available on / …store link”

Reply 2 - “I have one I haven’t listed yet… Store link”

If it is kept to a minimal I can see it being used a lot by community members.
No advertising, no spamming, no conversations.

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Eagle, sorry I think I was unclear. This would be a feature on MorphMarket. It would allow users to save searches, and a screen that showed all those searches and whether they wanted email alerts as well.

So it wouldn’t publish wanted stuff, it would just alert them when that stuff became available.


Reading back on it, you made yourself clear and I misunderstood it.

I look forward to seeing it in action :love_you_gesture:


Would a “Wanted” category or type of ad be appropriate in some fashion? I have found myself looking for very specific animals that were not listed at the time, but which I’m pretty sure many breeders would have had, I just didn’t know how/who to ask.

I am also very much in favor of a category for caging/racks/etc. It would be very cool to be able to look at options for an item side by side for comparison shopping. I’m not quite sure how I feel about having ‘used’ supplies posted. In theory I’m in favor, but the fact that no one really ships (second hand) could grate against some.

Thinking about categories, would an ‘Invertebrates’ or ‘amphibians’ category be an asset?


I would like a section like this too. I see some posting saying it’s too much work for the seller, but nobody is making the seller go into a “wanted” or “ISO” section to search for potential buyers. Also some saying it makes the buyer lazy, well it’s the buyer loses out since not all sellers will be interested in going through a “wanted/ISO” section. those buyers are not likely to do much searching anyway, regardless.
–first time poster since I am not a forum person and when I went onto “contact” to suggest and ISO Section it funneled me here. So I had to sign up to post.


Honestly, I agree with this! A buyer that’s going to just post the ad and never search isn’t a buyer that was going to search anyway, while some buyers do exist that want specific snakes that sellers might be a bit lazy to list even if they have them around (or save them for shows because they tend to not do well on site).

It would be great to have a saved searches option which emailed out on a schedule if new matches were listed :slight_smile:


I would love it if you could get an alert for an animal you are looking for when posted. Some reptiles are very rare and sell in a day or 2 and I never saw it. For instance. I am looking for a fire boa female born before 2018. So maybe you could put those parameters in and get an alert through email or even text so when that snake is posted I get an immediate alert. And boom Sold! Can we get that done maybe?


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this post.

Can I create alerts for morphs that are currently unavailable? It’ll be awesome if morphmarket can notify me when the exact same animal or similar that I’m looking for has been published by some breeder.


It’s been mentioned before but it’s not a feature yet, however it’s on the list to be done.


Great! that’ll be pretty cool

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I’m shocked it doesn’t exist, as someone who owns a retail business having your customers tell you what’s in demand is priceless.



Just another vote in favor of the Alerts feature. I’m hunting for eventual breeder groups of some species that aren’t terribly easy to find right now, and it would save me a lot of manual checking to be able to set up alerts.

Any chance that SMS push notifications might be a part of that? Maybe as a feature for premium MM members?


I know im way late to the party on this topic, but this would be awesome! I fibd myself checking the market between once a week and once a month. By setting up alerts like this, it would ensure myself and others dont miss anything, while also not putting the burden on the sellers, as we would still need to contact them like normal if interested.

Perhaps some data showing what searches have been saved could be available, without showing by who, just to show what the demand is for certain things, though i feel unless the saved list is cleared aitomatically periodically, it will lose its use fairly quickly for this, as people may not clear their saved search once they get what they are looking for. But with a grain of salt, it could be useful info.


I hope, when this is implemented, that I can get an index of all ads related to all of my alerts on a single page. Ostensibly in chronologically newest-first order, unless there’s a better ordering option I am not thinking of.

It would be nice if we could be notified when a specific seller has new animals posted. And if we could be notified when specific morphs are available, that would be fab!

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