Way too early clutch ID - what say you?

I know it’s way to early given that they are still in the eggs, BUT I’m just stupid excited to have hatchlings. So what do you think they are? Pairing was 1.0 Super Mojave het ghost (poss vis ghost, poss pastel) to 0.1 Banana het Ghost.

Here’s the clutch pic:

Here’s my guesses top right corner counter clockwise:

  1. Mojave (het/ pos het ghost)
  2. Pastel Mojave (het/pos het ghost)
  3. Banana Mojave Ghost
  4. Banana Pastel Mojave Ghost
  5. Banana Mojave Ghost
  6. Mojave Pastel Ghost
  7. Banana Mojave
  8. Banana Mojave Ghost

If you agree with 6 ghosts out of 8, would you conclude the Super Mojave is a vis ghost and not het?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.



There cute

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They are all really cute and beautiful!

Personally i wouldn’t say that he is definitely visual ghost even though the odds say otherwise. I say this because even with a het to het pairing it could end up being a 6/8 ratio. You can find out if hes visual by breeding him to another visual. If he is visual all the resulting offspring will be visual ghosts, no exceptions. If there are some that are het then he is also a het. But either way he is a really cool male.


Congratulations on your clutch!

You really will have to wait to identify hypo. And identifying hypo in coral glow is super hard. But just looking at them in the egg I don’t believe six of them are hypo.


I think I see two maybe three at this point. Absolutely beautiful clutch!

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Thanks everyone. All but one have left their eggs. I agree, ghost in banana is very difficult at this point. I’ll post more as they shed and begin to eat. Exciting times for sure!!

I’m also all but certain both parents have pastel in them. I think there’s several supers in there too. More to come.


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I would hold all judgement until they shed. Lol speaking from experiences the color change is dramatic. Either way you have some nice looking hatchlings!

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Just to keep the fun going while we wait for the sheds ; )


Hahaha, look at that little pile o noodles


They so pretty