Weekly check weight on them

My male banana het pied is growing up which catching up with the female cinnamon ghi!!!

Anyone know how come my banana het pied are so aggressive nowadays?? Everytime I try to handle him he sure post S position and show me… and will strike me for sure.


I couldn’t tell you why he is acting a little defensive to you. I would hold him, with his head away from you and let him figure out you are not some big scary predator😂 As long as he is healthy and eating some short handling sessions may help. Also younger smaller snakes seem to be easier to frighten, once it gains some more size and handling it will more then likely calm down for you. Love that orange stripe on his dorsal by the way!


Does he have any hides or anything to help him feel more secure in his enclosure? That looks pretty barren


If it makes you feel any better, I have a little banana baby that is a little stinker! Lol! But like @banereptiles says, these guys will calm down with gentle handling and age! :blush::+1::wink:


usually, after a few minutes of handling, they will mellow out. Be confident- do daily handling and eventually, he’ll be good. But if he’s hissing or trying to strike don’t back down or discourage yourself from handling as then he’ll know that to not be handled, act defensive.

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My spicy noodles settle down after the 200 gram mark :slight_smile: