Weird Looking Spider, Any Thoughts?

So the clutch I’ve got hatching right now was Calibee Spotnose HOG to Butter. I’ve been keeping a close eye on them all as they’ve been pipping, and noticed something weird when it came to the regular spider. If you look down the back, you can see that there’s an incredible amount of structuring that seems to be pretty consistent. (Sorry for lower quality photos, I didn’t want to stress anyone out by removing the baby). That stripe goes pretty much all the way down, about 3/4ths of the body. Has anyone else seen a spider like this? I’ve only seen the typical drizzle patterns with maybe a bit more structure on the back of the neck, but not to this extent.


Maybe it’s a spotnose spider? Spotnose can have striping down the spine sometimes.

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Perhaps? It doesn’t have the typical crazy head pattern, however.

with that slight dash on the head i’m thinking spot nose. the back stripe seems light this can also be a spot nose marker. wait until it sheds and get better look at what could be going on.

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