What a great day!

About two months ago I took in a Sunglow female, actually made a post trying to confirm her morphs with everyone. At the time she had a large number of bites on her as a large live rat was left in her enclosure and did a number on her. She ended up getting Septicemia really bad and I thought she wasn’t going to make it, she wouldn’t eat, was incredibly lethargic and getting more red blotches everyday. I have been giving her betadine rub downs twice a day and injections to try and help her recover. She is finally starting to look better and she took her first meal this morning! She definitely has a ways to go but I am finally hopeful.

On another note I also added two new gorgeous littles to my collection. The first is a male Motley Anery.

And my new favorite is a gorgeous female Jungle Motley Key West 66% het Kahl!


That’s a big girl! She’s lucky she found her way to a keeper willing to dedicate the time to her recovery. Great looking motley pickups. The markings on that anery, circles to squares to the last little dog bone pattern towards the tail is awesome

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Thank you, I can’t wait to watch them grow! I’m happy to have her and help her get healthy. She’s actually lost some weight just in the 6 weeks I’ve had her I’m glad she had some reserves lol.


Beautiful boas but also, the stiching on that leather is top notch!

Lol thank you that’s my real baby!!!

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It’s so frustrating that people don’t learn or care & we keep hearing this same story! You’ve done a great job with her, hopefully she keeps getting better, you should be proud.