What are the best methods of payment for sellers?

Hey, I was wondering what are the best and safest methods of payment are, and what one you guys use to sell your animals?

I believe this thread might help you. It is used for a lot of people to give their views on payment methods.

Alright, thank you!

Paypal, Square, Zelle, I have been using all 3 without issues but there are also things I do to ensure I do not get scammed.

I only ship to the account holder.
I only ship to the verified address (when using paypal).
I always send an invoice.
I always get the animal delivered to a hub or home with signature confirmation.

And most importantly if someone was trying to scam me I would without hesitation pursue legal actions which not many do, because to me it would not be about the money or time involved but principals.

That usually make people think twice.

I also accept MO and personal and cashier checks.


Do square and Zelle protect buyers? Do they provide any kind of recourse for a refund (if the Seller doesn’t send the item for example)?

No they do not.

There was one buyer that I dealt with a few years ago that had a couple of red flags come up in our communication. I could not figure out if he was legit or trying to scam me. I did my due diligence online and couldn’t find anything, so I decided that if he wanted the snake bad enough, he would have to send me USPS money orders via snail mail.

He did end up sending me two USPS money orders and I shipped him the snake. Everything worked out just fine and the funny part was that I had to go to 3 post offices in town before I could find one that could actually cash the orders out.

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV, but I figured that any of your run-of-the-mill online reptile scammer is not going to fool with USPS mail fraud.

To this day, I would accept this as a form of payment, but thankfully I haven’t had to play that card.