What are y'all's favorite dinosaurs? 🦕

What was even wilder is that decades after it got reclassified and Brontosaurus stopped existing as a real dinosaur, another species was named Brontosaurus. Taxonomy is absolute chaos.


Oh gosh, picking favourites is so hard.

I know it’s pedestrian, but my love of dinosaurs definitely started with Tyrannosaurus Rex. My dad is a geologist, and in the lobby of the building where his lab/office was at UC Santa Barbara, there was a big Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. When I was a kid, I used to sit in front of that thing and just stare at it for hours, imagining the creature that skull belonged to. It gave me a lifelong love of therapod dinosaurs in general.

If I had to pick a favourite therapod, I guess it might be Chilantaisaurus (at least today). I like that their forelimbs and “hands” weren’t quite as stubby and tiny as some other therapods, it makes them look a little more proportional. They look very sleek to me.

Also love Dilong, the cute little 25-pound tyrannosaur. This would definitely be one of my picks of I could have a pet dino.

I also really like the chasmosaurine dinos, though it’s hard to pick a single favourite. I guess today I’ll go with Regaliceratops. They had such cool heads and skulls.


And then of course, the tiny and adorable Aquilops is just too cute not to mention. This is another one I would keep as a pet if I could.


I would definitely choose this for my pet dinosaur :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Like a super advanced monitor lizard lol :joy:.


Haha, exactly! A super advanced, bipedal monitor. With feathers. If you think a croc monitor has big teeth…:joy:


The best kind of dinosaur lol