What do yall think!

she should just be a normal pinstripe, just a wild pinstripe or think something more is going on here. Pairing was banana x pastel pinstripe.


Definitely had a cinnamon/blk pastel pinstripe vibe to it. But with that pairing, obviously not possible. Got pics of the parents?


not the best pictures but the banana is going into shed. it was hiqs 1st time breeding.


I don’t think that’s a cinnypin. The dorsal looks wrong to me for cin. Might be black pastel, but doesn’t look quite right, like almost too much. You’ve got some good pattern disruption going on there.

Are you sure about the parents?

Pics of the rest of the clutch?

Was mom bred last year?


Really pretty though. I like pins with this kind of disruption. The color on this one is nice too, good warm tones.:+1:


Looks like a very nice standard pin I’m not seeing black pastel/cinny in that personally.


Side pattern is too disrupted to be just pin, imo.

Might be pastel pin, but if so, it’s a weird one. Too dark and a bit too disrupted. Dorsal stripe doesn’t look 8-ball complex, but the color of the baby is right, but the pattern is, again, abit too broken for single gene 8-ball, and doubles wipe the pattern and leave a clean white belly.

The pattern is what I would expect from some of the stronger granite complex, or a super. But mom and dad don’t have the right genes for that. Why I wanted to see the rest of the clutch.

IDK, but it looks good.:person_shrugging::+1:
Pin goes well with so many genes.:grin:


:100: not a lemon blast


Oh, I agree. It’s waaay too dark for that. But the pattern could be. That’s why I said it would be a weird one. That’s what is making this fun.


onces i get back home ill get some pictures of the rest of the clutch. theres one normal looking one that could be what it is.

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That would be helpful. Your banana has a dark gene in it, but its not really strong. Your pin is just a nice pastel pin, so idk what the extra might be. Hopefully, we can tease out the id from the siblings.


Lemon blast and pastel pin are the same thing and that is definitely not a lemon blast for sure no pastel in there. I’m pretty familiar with pinstripe and pinstripe combos I work a lot with them. The hatchling is just a pinstripe imo.


here is a few of the other clutch mates that i could find really fast. yeah i was just think she was a wild looking pinstripe just wanted to see everyones opinion


?? The mom?? She looks like a lemonblast to me.

What are you thinking she might be?

She’s too light to be just pin. Is she like a vanilla or something? I don’t have/work with vanilla so idk.


Yes she is a lemon blast


See, the last one has that granite type gene look to it. Do you know the origin of dad? What else might be there in the parents?

Was mom every paired with anyone else?


I think your seeing natural variance neither parent appears to be carrying any additional genes. Last one looks like a higher blushed pastel.


No headstamp, broken dorsal, spotted alienheads, too dark for pastel I would think.

Not saying granite for sure, but that complex gives the disrupted side pattern in pin that the original baby displays. And the original is definitely not just pin. Just pin alone looks more like the other pin baby with discrete, if enlarged, alien heads.

Idk, it’s a puzzler to be sure. Like it though.

Edit: that last baby just doesn’t look right to be pastel to me.


Which line of granite are you suggesting because there are many. And which parent are you suggesting has it?

And I see zero indications that pastel is more than a single gene pastel. Pastels have a huge amount of variance in color and blushing as well.

Pin has a lot of variances in itself

Granite type genes tend to darken which parent is showing this?


Idk. That’s the problem with all that granite, so hard to id, even if it does cool stuff in combos…

Mom: lemonblast for sure, only thing outside that is the alienheads are kinda filled in, but still in range for pastel pin, imo

Dad: banana and something I think is adding the extra spotting, but his pattern is pretty stable and normal

OP baby: pin and a pattern disruptor, like look at trident pin, grim pin, granite pin, hurricane pin, I’m not say the baby is one of those, but the pattern disruption is there. Not cin, the dorsal would be solid, with stronger dark borders, and the base color would be darker, not black pastel, pattern is to disrupted, and parents aren’t carrying either of those. Well, maybe dad, that would account for his spots, but then it would be a pretty low expression copy to not affect his pattern much, and to get this much disruption in a single gene in baby, it would need to be a high expression copy…

Siblings: banana, pin, pastel banana, pastel banana, and our mystery gene. I wouldn’t have said the last one was a pastel, just doesn’t seem right to me. The blushing is ok, but overall darker than I would expect, grainy alienheads, no headstamp, and the flaming and dissociation of the alienheads from the belly make me think something else.