What do you think this morph is?

I am breeding ball pythons as a hobby.
This is a mojave I bought a long time ago.
I don’t think it’s just mojave, but what does it look like?
I’m not good at English, so I’m sorry if it’s hard to read.


Looks like it has cinny/black pastel as well. Def has the pinched snout that is common in the BlkPastel complex.


thank you for your reply!
I’m glad I posted for the first time and received a reply for the first time!
I was also thinking about the possibility that it was included!
My friend told me it might be a black head, is that possible?

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I don’t think blackhead. What do you think @saleengrinch

Looks cinny mojoave to me. I would say no to blackhead.

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I third that it looks like cinny mojave. It’s nice and dark.

After all it looks like that!
It is very helpful to hear everyone’s opinions.
This child is a girl of poss het clown.
I’ve been mating with clown this year so I’m looking forward to the results!

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