What Does Double Het Clown Mean?

I am looking up genetic traits to see what I should pair and I keep coming up on this word double but it doesn’t appear when I try to search for it on morph.

Short simple version when you see animal listed as double het you are looking at an animal that carries the gene for two simple recessive mutations so Clown + something else.

Obviously here whatever you encountered there is part missing Double Het Clown ???

Spinner Blast Double Het Clown Ghost. How do I search for that on morph market please :slight_smile:

Go to the ball python section


Either type or click on options and select the genes, age, sex and whatever else you may be looking for.

There are not at this time nor has there been any sold in recent past


Add “het clown” and “get ghost” to your search filter parameters and you’ll find all the animals listed as “double het clown ghost.” The same is true for snow (albino axanthic) and all the other combinations, even triple and quadruple het stuff.

so the 100% of two traits is where the double comes from?

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Yes, 100% signifies the animal definitely carries the mutation. In your case the animal has 3 dominant traits (Spider, Pinstripe, Pastel) and 2 recessive ones (Clown, Ghost). Dominant traits are visually identifiable in het form while recessive ones are not. We use percentages to signify the statistical probability an animal will carry a recessive mutation, based on the parents. 50%, 66%, and 100% are possible scenarios.