What Does Expired Availability Mean?

What does the expired option? And why are all the snakes so cheap?

What does the expired option?

It depends what context you are seeing “expired” in. Where are you seeing this?

And why are all the snakes so cheap?

I’m not sure that they are? What do you mean?

The limited to option

Under advanced search, you can filter ads by many aspects. One of them is the ad “status”. You can understand expired as comparing to the other options – available, for sale, … and expired. This means only show ads that have been expired or hidden.

Not very useful to the end-user and should probably be removed, but useful to sellers sorting through their ads.

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@john I’ve found it somewhat useful when looking for comparison pictures. Sometimes the only result for a combo is an expired ad.


I usually filter by “All” in that case though

I have used the expired feature for snakes that I originally had plans to sell, but then decided for one reason or another to hold on to. I like having that option, since they technically did not sell

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My mean reason for asking is because I found some beautiful snakes for extremely cheap.

Be careful, the saying “you get what you pay for” is often true.