What else do I need. Enclosure

I would be interested.

I purchased a peace Lilly and what they are calling a wandering Jew.


Great choices! Peace lily is a fantastic option; they love to be nice and moist. The zebrina on the right will vine quite nicely. If a piece ever breaks off, simply remove most of the leaves from the stem and stick the stem in water. After a week or so the break-off becomes rooted as a new plant. Just stick back in the wet soil, rinse and repeat. You’ve got this!


Ha, I stuck 2 in some water tonight that broke off. I was dumping the nursery soil out in the weeds between my lawn and a walking path. A couple was walking, and I offered them a couple of other pieces that broke off.


Still missing some stuff in the middle. I do have a nice coconut hide with a bridge to go across coming in. Then with some of the plants that Cloudberry sends added in there over time.

I do need more heat, I feel. I have a temp range of 68 on the floor to 73-74 at the top.

I added Spring Tails (I have no idea where they are) and I have some isopods coming in as well.


I find the springtails hide until I spray water, then they appear, I’ve got some woodlice but I NEVER see them!

Heat seems fine, don’t have it too hot or it could be fatal for your Crestie.

I still think the hammock could harm your Crestie, but I’m only going by the look on the pic.

I do like a coconut hide :grin:


I thought about it, but it is not like carpet. Its this one here. https://www.petsmart.com/reptile/habitats-and-decor/habitat-decor/thrive-seagrass-reptile-hammock-5290961.html

Its like braided grass or something. I am also no expert either.

Maybe see how your Crestie gets on?

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To be fair my friend had a Crestie from me last year, and she also had a hammock and still does and he was and is absolutely fine! And he was very little when she had him :blush:

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I haven’t seen any issues yet, but it has been less than a week.

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It says it’s for reptiles and it has good reviews, but most of them are for bearded dragons so not very useful.

You might find it difficult to clean though


Hey guys, i see your conversation. What you think about my new terra? Its 90cm × 55cm × 65cm😁


Welcome to the community.

Looks great, although I can’t tell if you UV light is in the enclosure or if it has a guard.

Do you have a Reptile in there already, if so any pics?



Thanks! Yes there are safe UV Lights.
I get my first crested gecko in 3 days and this is his New home :wink:


I thought there might of been a guard, but wasn’t sure. Send a pic of your new Crestie when you get it? :grin:

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Yes Sure!:+1:t3:


My first ever crested Gecko comes today!:grin:
And now, Shira is in her new Enclosure!