What genes have we got here?

Help me ID this beaut please?


Maybe hypo motley jungle

Do you know the pairing?

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I do, but I would like honest suggestions based on visuals first :grin:

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Tough one. Reminds me of some VPI IMG Jungles.


Lol, my first thought.

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IMG full genetic striped. Looks like one of Joe’s striped boas from JPC Boas.

This striped boa is one of Joe’s.


I’m going img and some type of labyrinth/jungle but definitely something else in it. Maybe RLT? Some type of Salmon genes? Either way, it’s very friend shaped and I’d love to borrow it for my collection

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The pairing was IMG Keltic x Super Sunglow Jungle. So I guess we got an IMG Hypo Jungle?

My next question is how full stripe jungle and labyrinth differs in visuals? Cause to my eyes they seem identical and I can’t seem to find much info online about it


Lol, if it has img and jungle/lab then I would take it :rofl:.

I was way off, lol. Beautiful boa.

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I feel the same way about the look of the two morphs. I love the look of both of them.

I can’t afford the labyrinths right now anyway. So I will stay with the jungles. If I can reproduce my chain link jungle in a sunglow I won’t need a labyrinth as I just love the look of it. And that’s all I plan on making for myself.

Even my male sunglow motley jungles first half looks similar to the labyrinth.

I don’t know if there is a super labyrinth yet. Would be interesting to see if it has the same problem as the super jungle.

I have always thought maybe the labyrinth is just a jungle mutation that reproduces that same general pattern you see with them.

I know people always want to be the first to make a new morph so they can come up with a new name for something. I would like to someday myself to. But I don’t see that happening for me.

But sometimes it’s just an existing pattern or morph that was already out there. In the 80s we had Hypo boas, Pastle boas, Circle back pattern boas, and Ladder tail boas. Now days there are lots of different names for these boas. All with different prices for them when in my opinon they are the same boa.

Take care


It will be interesting to see how yours color’s up with the IMG in it. All that black would be cool looking as a sunglow.

My thoughts exactly! :+1:

Awsome looking boas u got there!

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The labyrinth does have a super form. It’s called the crystal.


Like a dirty blue eyed Lucy

Thanks do you know if there are any problems with the crystal.

It doesn’t appear to have any problems that have come up so far.


Looks like an IMG jungle to me.