What is this morph?


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Definitely lesser at least.

Breeder claims it’s a double het clown pied but I think she sent me the wrong photo …

Nah double het would look like a normal that’s definitely lesser not sure if it has a darkening gene as well?

Yeah looks like the wrong photo hopefully someone else can tell us what else might be in there if anything

Looks too blushed out to be a lesser cinnamon to me I’m really not sure. Pretty sure it has lesser

I think it’s a double lesser het clown pied , she mentioned she had more snakes and the only lesser she mentioned was that one so she probably got the pictures messed up

That could be

Without knowing what the pairing was really cant say it’s het for this or that. But visually I think it could be a cinnamon lesser.

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I say lesser leopard, or pastel lesser leopard, or a leopard mojave lesser

Mojave lesser would be a BEL, and I don’t see the leopard but it’s possible. Cinnamon lesser looks closest to me, just more white up the sides than I have seen

You’re correct that Mojave Lesser would make a BEL, but if you throw in the leopard gene is doesn’t always equal out to a BEL. Snake Country has a leopard mojave lesser that looks like the pic :3

This one isn’t a leopard lol.

We will have to wait 3 years for him to prove our and tell us who is right :wink:

The animal is, visually, a Lesser, nothing more. As Greg noted, it may be het for something else but you cannot know that without knowing the actual breeding that produced it.

I can guarantee it is not this because it would be a BluEL regardless of how many other genes you throw into it. That is fundamental to the genetic nature of the mutation.

Then Snake Country has a mislabeled animal, not a huge surprise in this hobby/industry


Thank you for the insight!

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