What Made You Start Breeding?

I do as well, it would be amazing if that happens! It’s definitely going to be a lot of work, but I plan on doing my best and I wish the best for you as well!

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Profit isn’t what I’m gearing towards at least for now, eventually ( like 5 or 6 years) I want to open a physical store and sell supplies/rats/ and maybe other animals. Right now I have 3 females ready to start and a super cinnamon male but I’m starting to want a different male ( like a high gene combo with banana lesser)

At the moment my biggest issue is time and space. I have all the snakes that I have space for as I am starting this in a 1 bedroom apartment

I hear you there, space can become an issue pretty quickly. I had to get a small shed to keep my snakes in and it’s already starting to run out of space. I hope to be able to buy some Freedom Breeder or ARS racks in the future. It will help save on space when you have 2 or 3 big racks that can hold lots of snakes instead of many small racks. Maybe that could be an option for you, but those racks are pretty expensive.

Yeah, for right now I just have a 6 tub homemade rack and I’ve been looking at those sheds at home depot hahaha

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I believe you can get the ARS rack systems 1 level at a time. They’re pretty affordable that way. I plan on getting 1 or 2 levels of racks at a time depending on how my collection grows. You save maybe 100 bucks or by buying the whole thing at once but it is a lot of money to put down.


Yeah, I just gotta get a return on the initial investment to start trying to grow

I’d say I’m right around 1000$ invested and that’s a lot of money for people like me lol