What morph does everyone think this guy is?

I’m sure he’d enjoy his rodent of choice and some nice branches as a compromise. Tbh I’m not really sure snakes get much (or any) enjoyment out of the process at all, it just seems like more of a biological imperative


@sylvesterballpython Yes I agree with @chesterhf

IMHO all animals in the wild, whether they are furred, feathered, scaled, or finned, have an innate drive to procreate/breed to carry on that particular species, which in turn carries on that particular part of the food chain, which in turn insures the wildlife that is part of the ecosystem. Even if a domesticated animal is bred to another domesticated animal or even another wild animal in captivity it’s still the same. They breed for survival, not for pleasure……

Mr Sylvester will be happy (or as happy as a snake can get) lol! with a roomy home and lots of enriching items to investigate. :snake::wink:


Hahaha no, I know that, I was just playing around, but if Sylvester isn’t gonna be a breeder, I’d rather just continue researching, but for boas Instead. I know they are probably more difficult to breed, but i know how to follow a process outlined for me, I’ve been reading up more on them lately than ball pythons, and if my next snake isn’t gonna be a mate for Sylvester I’m gonna get a boa


Thank you, ok so I might find a female morph with dominant traits and just see what happens. Honestly, it would mostly just be fun experiment the first time around, and depending on how it goes, invest in a new pair with traits I wanna see like you said, Especially if I find one with multiple different traits going on

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:heart_eyes::+1::snake::wink: Now it’s my turn to say ha ha ha :joy::rofl: to your remark about boas being possibly harder to breed! Not my boas! They just did it! :confounded:But then I had kept them together since they were babies! NOT ANYMORE! Lol!

I am not making fun of what you said, I am making fun of what I did! By accident!!! Lol

I love love love boas! That’s a great alternative idea for you!


He does look normal, and generally as a first time breeder I’d recommend just getting another pair that you know the genetics of and are desirable and go from there - and just give Sylvester a nice, comfortable home as a pet! :slight_smile:

Awesome on the rescue btw, my first BP was an adoption from a college girl who couldn’t care for her well and while I plan to breed other BPs, she’s just gonna chill with me and not be a breeder for similar reasons (tho she seems YB or Enchi, still)strong text

Haha I did feel a little bad too, but I felt worse for Sylvester, and I had been trying to get him to eat thawed mice for a couple days and he was just not going for it at all, and at that point I was pretty uninformed still so I just took the top off each container, and put them next to eachother and he was instantly on it, I have a picture cuz I didn’t get the camera opened in time to take a video

But thank you, it was awesome in every aspect honestly, I got paid 800 bucks to get everything out of there, just so much worthless damn and garbage, and then I found Sylvester, so I pretty much got paid to have him on top of everything else. Had everything I needed too, but his heat pad was in the tank underneath the substrate and had stopped working and the wire insulation was melted in spots so he’s also lucky he didn’t get burnt or electrocuted, or shocked at least.

And yeah I’m thinking I’ll go that route too, I just haven’t decided if I wanna do it with ball pythons or boas, but I don’t wanna get neck deep in boas whole I’m still renting, until I own my own home, I just think having a bunch of boas, with at least two of them big enough to breed, In a rental, which is less stable than owning no matter, would be too much at the end of the day.

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