What morph is my gecko

Hi my gecko is 6 months old now and I would like to know the morph he is as he was a petco buy


Looks like a tangerine to me. Been a minute since I worked with Leo’s though. Look at the leopard geckos tangerine morph and filter to either least expensive or least genes and you should see some single gene tangerines you can compare with.

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This is a tangerine superhypo i think he’s just a superhypo because in person he isn’t really orange


Super hypo baldy.
Cute little guy tho! Welcome to the community ~

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Thank you had no idea what a baldy was

Your gecko’s not old enough yet. Check this out, read the whole thing please:

You showed pictures of 2 different leopard geckos in two different posts.

Without any other info, based on the pictures provided, first gecko is a Super Hypo Baldy. ‘Tangerine’ is a subjective, polygenic trait that just means ‘very orange.’ The second gecko is indeed a Super Hypo, but not a Baldy. ‘Baldy’ means that no spots/pattern are on the head.

(edit- they’re both good looking examples of their morphs!) :+1:


The second was a super hypo tangerine like the one the first person suggested