What morph is this Crestie?

So I purchased this fella as a baby a few years back, he was super skittish, this was disclosed to me prior to purchase.

He is super calm now and I love the bond I built with him, his name is Coco.

His a slender Crestie and a slow grower but his had no different treatment to my other Cresties, accept I kept him as a group of 4 when young and he was the weakest link, I learned from this and now I do not usually keep Cresties together.

I’m usually good at morphs, but this guy has been difficult. He was sold as a chocolate harlequin (hence the name) but I thought he might be more of a dark base flame (I don’t know much about flames). I bought him for the portholes and because I just had to have him when I saw him!

When he fires up, the tips of his crests are orange :orange_heart: but his tummy colour is usually mostly dark with little pattern.

This is him as a baby (sorry for the poor quality, I didn’t have a decent camera back then)

Would be great if anyone could assist me!

Thanks in advance


Dark base harlequin, got some nice white spots and kneecaps on him too!
He’s not a chocolate. We had a chocolate and they’re a light brown in colour when fully fired.
This was him. :blush:
(Unfortunately he died through courier last week, bloody gutted)


Thanks, Coco doesn’t have much pattern on the side but yes his got some good white, which is why I wasn’t sure. I was hoping to do a porthole project with him, but no female yet :disappointed:

I may keep him just as a pet and if I find him a lady in the future great, but if not his still an awesome Crestie.

He was chocolate colour when I got him but he grew darker, which I prefer. I love a dark base

He always looks so dopey :sweat_smile: but I love his crest and kneecaps

Oh no, what happened with him. He looked handsome!

Yes! A female with some nice white spots would work well with him, even a lighter one so you can get a mix out. Or even an Extreme :wink:
Harlequins aren’t as sought after as they once were being the now ‘common’ Crestie they are now. But with his white spots and passing them on they’d be lush, thought about putting him to a Tri? :heart_eyes:

Left here happy and healthy, and the next day was delivered dead at 5. Courier company don’t care and wont do anything about it. He was too cold I think and they didn’t keep warm as I asked or put him in the so called ‘warm room’ at night.
Bloody gutted and staying away now. (He’s not the only animal they’ve killed recently either). :disappointed:

If your allowed, can you private message me the courier company so I can avoid please?

I would love a tri female for him (mine turned male), if not then an extreme would be great, but ideally i want a girl with portholes!

If I don’t find a girl for him I might be able to get a suitable Crestie from Gingerbread Latte, she has slight white portholes and her parents had them so may come out in her offspring


Always the blooming way! I try not to get my hopes up now :sweat_smile:

Yeah would be worth the wait if you can’t find one you really like right now!
Plus you then get the enjoyment of seeing her hatch, raising her and then seeing her babies!
Was my fav thing with KJ, watched that little potato hatch and grow and become a dad 🥲


I’ve got one baby still to check for pores. If it’s a she, then they will be a future pair, but will have to see as it’s just little


My future she is looking to be yet another possible he!

Looks like I’m going to have to keep a lot of offspring when my Cresties breed, just to get some females! :grin:

Or consider letting some males go, but that’s too hard of a decision and not going to happen for a while

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I was wondering if this Crestie also has the furry trait?


More images would help, of the head :blush:


Sorry, I thought I added the others too lol I will add the others now.

I didn’t think he was, but then I don’t have one to compare with. I’m just curious as he has the extra raised scales along the edges of the dorsal area but not on his crests.

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No not a fuzzy/furry. Head crests are quite long on f’s x

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I thought so, thanks for clarifying

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