What morph is this(new hatchling)

Can anyone tell what morph this is? It was born with red eyes and I’m not sure but I think it’s a Tremper albino parents are a normal and a Mack snow Tremper albino het eclipse


It’s definitely an albino and if the eyes are truly solid red, it is an eclipse as well. The pic is too poor for me to determine whether or not it is a snow. If you get a better pic I can probably tell you.

Hopefully this one is better


Looks like a Tremper eclipse.


Alright well I’ll see as it matures

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Thank you for identifying the morph I appreciate it :+1:t4:

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Beautiful baby!

Thank you, i was surprised when I saw it love the color

So adorable!! Love the coloring and patterns on babies.

Thank you I was just informed earlier two more like the one in the picture were hatched

So cute I wish I can I one

Yea they are , I honestly wasn’t expecting these to hatch out was expecting a normal or Mack snows

Just an FYI albino Mack snows come out the egg pink and white. That’s how you know it’s a snow or not.

Okay thank you, so I have a dark colored Leo doesn’t look like a normal but was paired with the Mack snow could it be a normal but just darker ?

Is it black and grey/white? Then it could be a Mack snow. Have to a pic to be sure though. Mack snow look quite a different from normals so they are easy to spot.

Well it’s dark with no yellow I’ll post a pic tomorrow when I get home

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I know he’s in a small container that’s due to tub cleaning atm

Yep that’s a Mack snow.

Yeah thought so , out of the babies in the first picture I sent 1 out of 3 babies has red eyes the rest have eyes like the mother