What morph my gecko

Hi, this is my gecko, I thing it is harlequin but I don’t know if anything else, please help and thank you for the answers :grinning:

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Any fired pics would help also.

He’s a Harlequin Pinstripe though, but fired up with see colour.

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okay, i will try tomorrow to do fire pics. Thank You very much for help. I have another gecko, I think that it is dalmatian harlequin, but to be sure I will post her photos here.


I agree he his a harlequin pinstripe. Is that an oil spot I see on his lateral just above his leg?

Look forward to seeing your other gecko too :grin:

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My gecko doesyn’t want to be fire today… :grinning: maybe tomorrow it will work.

This is my female, its night at my place and I have no way make better pictures… I guess this is it dalmatian harlequin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah you’re right with her! :blush:

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Nice :grinning: thank you very much for help :grinning: