What pair to buy first?

I’m new to the ball python world and have so much to learn. We are definitely getting a BEL of some sort for my daughter, and I’m looking at GHI mojave female to pair with. That said what other pairs would you go after as a first time ball owner looking to breed further down the line? I have these that I love-Banana OD Super Stripe, Banana Black Head Enchi Pinstripe, Banana Piebald Yellow belly, super blast hypo, ultrafly.

Honestly I literally didn’t think I wanted a snake and all these possibilities and combos have me up just thinking of all the options and running the calculator with what might be. Which is why I thought I’d ask more experienced owners their thoughts and good places to start. I can see how I can quickly start stacking up snakes in the house lol. I’d like to have a few very solid keystone snakes to start with vs. taking generations to get the desirable or sought after options.


Welcome to the community :grin:

Firstly and most importantly, buy what you enjoy looking at.

Answering a few questions can help us help you make the right choices.

What are you 5 single favourite morphs?
Banana is one obviously :joy:

Do you know what recessive and dominant genes means?

Do you want to produce white snakes?

Do you want to make light coloured or dark coloured snakes?


What @eaglereptiles said, buy what you enjoy looking at. For me I would love to buy some of the stuff I love but I’m not about to drop $4K on a few snakes when I could buy some base morphs and play the odds game and try to make it in a few years.

For example I love the look of the Bumblebee Axanthic Clown which is $7Kish right now so I’ve got some double Het Axanthic (VPI) Clown couples and Pastel and Spider as well to hopefully get it in a 3-5 years. Waiting that long for a designer snake is worth it for me in the long run because I love playing the genes and odds game.

On the other hand I love Pinstripe and Calico so I’m going to get some snakes that have at least 2 co-Dom genes and just start making stuff to see what happens.


While this sounds fun I would encourage you to make a loose plan at least. The key to making quality snakes is starting with quality snakes and having some sort of plan. I started with a very diverse collection and quickly realized I needed a plan. Lol


Take it slow, and never lose sight of your infrastructure. Your support system, for keeping these animals. Its cheap to house, bed, and feed 10 hatchlings…10 adults cost a bit more. Keep in mind every hatchling you get will grow and the cost of living will grow with them.

This video gives a bit more detail into what im talking about. I think anyone getting into the hobby should give it a watch