What should I pair this female with?

I have my one remaining female left, but she’s special to me. A yellow belly pewter bee het clown. I’m not breeding anymore for a long time, but I would really like to try and breed her in the future. There’s so many choices to choose from and I’m not sure which would be best to pair her with. Any suggestions? Hopefully one that won’t break the bank.


honestly i would go for the pewter banana path

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Just breed what you enjoy, when planning pairings run them through the genetic calculator here and make sure that you won’t have possible hatchlings that would be hard to sell (like normals) unless you are able to keep hatchlings long term. Are there any certain phenotypes or genotypes that you want?

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As mentioned, I’d go for what you like.
If you’re wanting to make visual clowns, a good choice would be a visual or het clown male with a few other morphs added in.

I would personally opt for a male that has banana and clown in him, preferably visual clown depending on the budget.
But that’s me, banana is one of my favorite single-gene morphs :rofl:

I’d choose an Asphalt het Clown or Specter het Clown, to make Freeway or Super Stripe Clowns. With the addition of the Cinnamon, Pastel and Spider genes, you could make some really cool stuff.