What to do About Dishonest Price on Listings?

I am finding more often someone will list an animal for 50.00 as an example, but click on it and see in comments the animal is actually 450 or 350. I seen one the other day the snake itself was 50.00 but shipping was 700 amd he said it is because of the free limits on MorphMarket . I get it, you want to not pay for your seller account, but pay it please. It will keep MM around and you dont look like a scammer.


Hi Nikki, if you see this, please click on the “report” button on the ad to flag it for us. We do catch most of these, but sometimes they slip through. We give them one warning and then they’re banned.

But for the buyer, I’d definitely not purchase from such a person who is clearly being dishonest just to save $10 or $20.


Like on any platform some people will always try to bypass or find a way around limits, it’s misleading, dishonest, cheap and disrespectful, sadly sometimes they fall through the cracks so the best thing you can do is report this type of behavior.


Thank you, will start doing that. I personally wont buy from them. Screams scammer