What to do if not receiving emails anymore?

I’ve always received emails when getting messages but they’ve stopped recently. They’re not going to the junk/spam (never have). How can I remedy this? Are any others experiencing this? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

You’ve done the right thing by first checking your spam folders.

However, I’ve gone and looked at our mail service, and it indicates that we have been as recently as today delivering messages to your account at hotmail (it shows that you’ve been opening them too).

One thing to know about hotmail - sometimes our users have told us on their phone, they couldn’t see all of their junk/spam mail. So try a desktop.

If anyone else has this problem, after likewise searching junk/spam they should contact us:


Usually the problem is that your mail service has automatically classified our message as spam and put it into that folder, as described above.

However on rare occasions, users unintentionally mark one of our mails as spam. (This is most common for aol.com users, which must be of the placement of their spam button.)

When this happens, our mail service Postmark will refuse to send subsequent messages to protect its reputation. (Though you can still see them on our messages page on our site.)

To remedy this you have to contact support@postmarkapp.com and ask them to reinstate your email for receiving from support@morphmarket.com.

You won’t know this is the situation until you contact us first, and we verify.