What to pair?

Hi all, I have a female spinner blast and I am looking for ideas on what to pair her with. Can anybody help me?


Currently there is a massive oversaturation problem with ball pythons due to overbreeding, with ~40,000 for sale on Morphmarket in the US alone. Given that spider, pinstripe and pastel are very common, low end and readily available morphs and that hatchlings containing spider will be the most difficult morphs to find homes for due to the defect, I’d consider whether it’s really neccesary that you breed her. There’s a lot of great ways to be involved in the ball python world and reptile community without breeding.


Agreed. There are hundreds of single/double gene BPs which will never find homes, making more just because you want to isn’t a good thing to do. There’s also the issues with spider gene, which I won’t get into.

If you insist on pairing her, I’d try to find a multigene somewhat high-end animal. That’ll give you the best chance of finding homes for the babies.


I agree with all that’s been said about breeding @meeseaz, because it has to be said, unfortunately over and over again. It’s not to be mean or rude but with the overpopulation of ball pythons on the sales market already, which includes every color morph of the rainbow of ball pythons, you would just be adding to that overpopulation.

In addition, the spider gene can produce a wobble effect which could affect the snake’s ability to eat and/or function properly and there are people who will not want a snake with a health issue.

Finally if you still decide to breed her and she produces say, 10 eggs that all hatch, and you only sell a couple of the babies, are you prepared to house and feed the breeding pair plus the 8 remaining babies until all the babies sell? Which could take months? And this includes cage maintenance as well……

You are much better off keeping than breeding. If you should decide to add one or two more BPs to your collection then you are playing a small part in reducing the overpopulation as opposed to adding to it if you decide to breed instead……

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You make a great point. Any new breeder working with spiders is jumping into a hornet’s nest they probably aren’t prepared for