What type of corn snake on this award?

So, I’m not a colubrid keeper; but I’m assuming this is a corn snake of some sort.

Some background info, my wife got this award her final year of pharmacy school, and the award came with a large framed photo with a snake and a goblet on it. I was just curious if anyone could identify the corn snake present? Is it a normal?

Regardless of what it is, I think the plaque is pretty cool, especially being given to a household that has and breeds snakes.

Edited to add: sorry for the awful photo quality, it’s really a high quality picture with my awkward arms in it, not a great angle to get the photo where it’s hung. (I think, but could it also be a painting? I’m not sure) the handwritten text at the bottom stating 2990/5000 makes me wonder, but that could just be something done after it was printed?


It appears to be an Amel, I looked up the title and the award itself to find more examples. This particular lithograph is only presented, apparently, to those who win the Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award, so it’s likely signed/numbered for that reason.


That would make sense for the numbering on the lithograph then. It was a little bit of a surprise to her when we received the frame for it and everything in the mail. Definitely a cool thing to display.

Also thanks for the input on the morph of the corn. As I mentioned I know little to nothing about them, but just thought it was cool. Thank you!


I think it’s a really cool idea, something to display that isn’t just the typical embossed certificate. I’d think they went with the Amel for contrast, or it’s what they had access to. Beautiful lithograph, none the less.


What a nifty award! I agree, the snake looks to be a pretty Amel. I love that they have used a snake in the award. The traditional Asclepius of course uses a snake, but using a real one is a very nice touch. Congratulations to your wife!


That’s cool! I agree that it’s an amel.


Beautiful picture! I agree that it looks like an amel corn snake. I’m a little surprised they didn’t use an Aesculapian snake, as that’s the species normally associated with medicine…though I’m sure the corn snake was easier to pose. Corn snake is also brighter and more colourful, so aesthetically, it was a good choice.

Congratulations to your wife on her award!