What would you pair?

Hello there, if you’ve seen my other thread, you would know I’m a first year breeder but welcome if you haven’t.

That being said, I’ve been researching for YEARS and have just started getting into the process of starting my own breeding.

We have a female lined up to breed with one of our males soon, and a couple other females that aren’t being paired yet. But my question is, what would you pair to these males? Just want to get a feel of what others think! Just as a personal choice, we are not using the morphs spider, albino, pinstripe, or yellowbelly.

Here are our males! Pictures included!

Pastel Lesser Vanilla
Pastel Leopard Pied
Coral Glow Black Pastel
Goldblush Mojave
Bamboo Firefly Orange Dream


Pastel Lesser Vanilla X Lesser- cant beat a BEL or banana even, lesser bananas are cool
Pastel Leopard Pied X another pied- poss OD, there nice.
Coral Glow Black Pastel X banana/coral glow. = supers and some other bits
Goldblush Mojave x not sure. maybe pastel, I love pastavies and with gold blush should be nice personally but that just me.
Bamboo Firefly Orange Dream. x Not sure

THis is just what I like, not fanatical advice.


I can’t give you pairing advice but your snakes are very pretty! Best of luck with your breeding projects! :blush::+1::sunglasses::snake:


Thanks for your replies!!!

These are our females so far! We just picked up a gravid female that a buddy gave me!

G-Stripe (Gravid)
Cinnamon Lesser Spotnose
GHI Firefly Calico
Coral Glow Crystal

The G-Stripe was paired to a Cinnamon Huffman Genetic Black Back! Very excited to see what pops out, even if they arent visual G-Stripes yet!