What's up enthusiasts! Greetings from Pennsylvania

My name is Christopher St. Clair, and I have been keeping snakes and other reptiles for nearly 3 years. I am 18 years old and have a loving passion for almost all snakes, especially pythons.


Welcome to the community Christopher! You’re only 18 and have already been keeping them for 3 years?! You have some pretty cool parents -mine would’ve killed me, lol.

Do you have some pictures of your snakes you’re willing to share?
Do you plan on becoming a future breeder? :smiley:


Greetings and welcome to the community! As you may already know herp keeping is super addictive!! Lol

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Welcome Christopher :grin:. You’ll enjoy it here, everyone is friendly and welcoming and always ready to help out.

And if you ever worry about being “the youngster” on here, don’t. There are 11 year olds on here with collections you wouldn’t believe :slight_smile:

Hello, fellow Pennsylvanian! :wave: Which side are you from?

im 18 next month and have been keeping for roughly 4 1/2 years! welcome!!

Welcome aboard Chris!!

Welkom christopher

Hello and welcome