What's wrong with him

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my chocolate BP he escaped last night and now his mouth looks funny

He needs a vet. That looks like a respiratory infection


That’s what I dont understand because he didnt look like this the day before

it hard to say, there could be a lot of different factors. Like how long he was out, how cold is your house, did he get into anything. On top of that cohabitating multiple ball pythons and stress them out and they can get sick.

But whatever the reason he need a vet and to be separated from the rest or they can get sick too

He is only in with one other bp and I honestly have no way of separating those 2 but I will definitely be taking him to the vet to get checked out

I’d say bring it up to the vet, you might need medicine for both of them.

I live in New York so my house is probably around 65-70 at night

You need to get them in separate enclosures asap


All I have is a 20 gallon to put him in and I dont wanna put him in a enclosure that small

K. Good luck.

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At least I’m asking for help and I was told I could co habitate so I didnt really know I was doing wrong

A 20 gallon isn’t too small for most male ball pythons.

Ok I’ll go ahead and separate him then just wasnt sure

Good thank you. Again get extra medicine for the other, he might be sick already as well. They can die from it.

Ok thank you very much

arent ball pythons illegal to own in new york?

In the city they are but not in New York state

ah i thought it was all of new york. but defiantly separate them. if you have to, buy a tub that has a good secure lid, drill air holes, and keep it on a heat mat that is controlled by a thermostat. proper temperature, humidity, and lack of stress is extremely important with snakes

Yeah I have separated him to a 20 gallon enclosure

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