Wheezing over long period of time

I have a Super Cinnamon ball python whos name is Weezer. ive had him for about 4 or 5 months and the guy that i got him from said that hes always made the whistle sound when you start messin with him or whatever. He said that he gave weezer multiple breathing treatments and i have as well.
He ate the first week after i got him and has refused every thing ive tried to give him, hes gone through 3 sheds too, hes starting to show that he hasnt eaten. Please help
PS he is 2300g

Take him to a reptile specialist vet and get him tested for an RI. What breathing treatments did you give him? Were they prescribed by a vet? If not, they could have done more harm than good. That said, super cinnamons are known to have duckbills, that could effect the nasal cavity in theory. It is still good to take him to the vet though.


Have you seen him make any bubbles, or have liquids coming out of his mouth?

The reason I ask is because I had a black pastel who used to make a whistling noise whenever I handled her. I got her as a hatchling and raised her for four years. There was never any sign of RI. It’s just something she did.

On the other hand, if there are bubbles, liquid coming out of the mouth, or if you hear a popping sound when he breathes, that’s cause for concern and he should be taken to a vet.

Also keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for male ball pythons to refuse food, especially now that we’re getting into breeding season. How much weight has he lost?

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i have seen him blow a bubble from his nose, but ive never seen excess saliva. He actually lets you open his mouth now lol

I used a tub and fogger with f10

All of my super Cinny animals have a very slight whistle while they breathe. It’s likely a slight defect in the nasal passages (duckbilling).


I have seen that from videos and I would say that it’s pretty loud and really just when you mess with him. There was one time that I left the enclosure open on accident and he was on his way out but the sound of the whistle gave him away

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My black pastel does the same thing. That being said, just to be in the safe side take it to a reptile vet. F10 SC is only useful for bacterial or fungal infections in the low concentration you have to mix it for nebulizer treatment. He needs to be tested to verify whether or not it is RI and then verify the cause (fungal, bacterial, viral), as F10SC doesn’t always work and you need an targeted approach if it is indeed an RI.


Thank you, I’m currently looking for a vet for him, all the vets around here are for farm animals

Sorry just getting back to you, he’s at 2173g now


he ate last night!!! i took him out of the big tank he’s in and stuck him in the rack with the females, i’m so happy. Now to tackle the wheezing thing, i’ve been looking all week and i can’t find a vet that specializes in reptiles around me

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Is it a wheezing or a slight whistle?

maybe both, at times its worse and ill listen to his mid section and it sounds raspy

That sounds like an RI to me.