Who would know what his morph is?

Hello, I saw this gecko at a reptile exhibition and the seller had not identified the morph, visually it is not possible to know the recessive or dominant genes, but you can have an idea what polygenetics it could have. Can any expert tell what it could be? thank you.


It’s difficult to say…

With that price…I highly doubt that this is anything from a high end project like a Black Night or Pearl.
My assumption is that this is a very normal, wild type coloration and the animal is very stressed.

Leopard geckos will darken up quite a bit when they aren’t happy. Blizzard leopard geckos are often a clean white color, but when kept too cold or stressed from shipping or shows, they can be a dark grey color similar to this.

This gecko is most likely a dusty to light yellow when they’ve had time to settle in and relax. They’re well cared for based on the nice chubby tail and body condition, just not happy with the current situation at all.
She could still end up being a bit darker than expected, so she could be a good start of a darker gecko line is what you want to produce, but polygenic projects do take a lot of time and patience.

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If I understand you, I also thought the same thing due to stress, but if you look at the image, its legs and fingers are very dark, that made me doubt that it wasn’t due to stress.

Thanks for your answer.

If all you are looking for is a phenotypic description of skin color, I would call it hypermelanistic. It looks like the gecko was being sold outside of the USA, so you would be more familiar with what lines are common at the location than I would, and thus the probability of running into them. Since you were not told lineage you cannot describe it with any terms that refer to specific lines.

More info:

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