Why can't I follow the store? [SOLVED]

i ran across a really nice breeder on MorphMarket. When I tried to follow his store I got the message that only morphmarket stores can be followed. If a breeder is selling on morphmarket, don’t they have a store? Am I missing something?


If they are a free user then I do not believe they classify as a MM store

@john, @eaglereptiles, Could one of you confirm that??

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It’s not that they are not classified as a MorphMarket Store, it’s more to do with the feature set of each membership plan… which is what the “Only member stores can be followed” pop up is referring to.

Store Followers is a feature of the “Basic” plan, so Travis is sort of correct in saying that it is because they are on the Free plan.

You can see a list of each feature per plan here: https://www.morphmarket.com/pricing/


Thanks, that makes sense.