Why is there no traits listed for Rosy boas?

I was wondering why there are no traits listed for Rosys? Like they aren’t even listed.

They have several that i know of, even the basics like Albino, Anery, Axanthic, Snow.

Then you have others like Hypo Monostripe, Matrix, Picasso, Snow-white, ghost, pearl, Ivory im sure im forgetting some.

Of course i didn’t mention lines such as Carlson, Smith, Limburg and Goldbarg. These are desiner lines but i didn’t know if these are classified as genes.

Is it that theres not many breeders/collectors compared to say Ball Pythons?

Not enough info on their genes?

Just not enough interest in Rosys to warrant a listing here?

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The reason why traits aren’t listed for rosy boas is because there aren’t enough listings. Categories that show morphs are “top level categories”, like ball pythons, leopard geckos, corn snakes, etc. Those have lots of listings so they are promoted to the top level category. Since there are only 67 rosy boas available (at the time I’m writing this), it’s not worth it to promote them to a top-level category. Eventually, if there are more listings, they might be promoted, but right now it would likely only clutter the categories more.


Thank you i figured it had to do with numbers.

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One day ! Rosys will catch fire, not in the literal sense :fire: :snake: but in a figurative sense :joy:.

Im probably 100% biased in my choice of Rosys but i wonder why Rosys to me seem to be one of the best beginners snake ( well my only 1st) i wonder why they haven’t taken off, like say a BP? Is it that the normals just don’t appear appealing? Or are people pushing say BPs way more onto new owners. Just from what i have seen from reading here and my limited to and only to Rosys but doing a comparison i would say hands down Rosy Boas are way easier in every aspect. BP have much stricter husbandry and seem to have feeding issues where my rosys have none. My Rosys barely use the heat pad as my room is over 80° daily, heck for most of the year California ( where i live) is sunny almost year round i think about in the 70s, there really not that many cold days compared to other places that may have 4 seasons. Not that i wouldn’t go without a UTH, they almost barely need it in my home.

Yes BP have way more patterns and colors over Rosys but theres so many great things about Rosys. Maybe as more people work with them and more colors are available then maybe they will pick up. Other than size ( for me its a plus not a minus). I know everyone here is pretty partial to BP and would likely say BP is the perfect beginner snake. IMO way more specific husbandry required and they seem to be very picky eaters. Most people new to the hobby aren’t likely to know much and reading is way different than doing.

This is just me but if i had a store ( this is just for demonstration) and i had a rosy boa and a BP and a completely new person to the hobby wanted an easy snake to care for id likely always suggest Rosy over BP. I hope that my own preference bias isn’t just hating on BP and loving on Rosy. Just what i see when i start looking at things it seems rosys are way easier.

I do think some BP are awesome looking but i wouldn’t feel comfortable owning one.

Oh im probably rambling my mind wanders

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I’m not a huge fan of ball pythons (I’ll likely get some someday but I’m not super interested in them), but I understand why some people are. I think the main reason is because of all of the morphs. There is a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from, so there’s pretty much something for everybody. Additionally there are a ton of people keeping them, so if someone reads an article or talks to a friend/breeder about snakes, then ball pythons will be mentioned. I don’t think ball pythons are the easiest snake to care for, but they are still beginner snakes.


In comparison to other snake breeds yes id say they are more at the beginner range, however if i look vs a rosy a rosy is way more easy, and i feel more kid sized, even though BP may be the same length they are definitely heavier bodied and im sure more expensive to feed because they can eat rats where mine eats mice i also feel that although any animal can bite and both species rarely bite, id way rather get bit by my rosy with the tiny head/mouth than a python :woman_shrugging:. I would think a BP would be stronger and way more potential to stangle a child if they let it climb about the neck as some people do with their pets. Im sure PB have way stronger constricting power just by muscle mass alone. Not saying they have ever or would stangle anyone but they definitely have the potential.

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I think it comes down to the definition of beginner. I think that they are both beginner since a new keeper with little or no experience keeping animals, would easily be able to keep them healthy. I agree that rosy boas are more suitable for children and they are easier to keep. I don’t think a BP has the strength to strangle a child since there have been no deaths from them (the only deaths from nonvenomous snakes were from 3 species: boa constrictors, retics, and burms) .


Best pet snake :wink:


Someday I will get one, it’s just going to be a few years.

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