Winter problems!

Hey guys! I live in Utah and we just had a cold snap got down to 18. F today. It gave me a glimpse into some problems I need help with. The house I live in has poor heating and such. I have 2 bps in a 20 gallon and a 40 gallon( one in each tank). There warm hides were at a steady 89 degrees fahrenheit. But immediately outside there hides the rest of the tank was 54 degrees. I got two lamps and put what we had in them(75watt bulbs) and now in the tanks some spots are low 70s everything above 66. Is this enough? I have wool blankets wrapped around both tanks and I’m going out to buy actual heating bulbs today. But what do I do for them at night?

Get a ceramic heat emmiter,. It has no light and produces heat. Use a thermostat.


Fantastic call! Sounds perfect.

It would need its own thermostat?

Yes. Even one with a dimmer set to half would be two different temps if the room changes temps. Unchecked it could be useless or overheat. A little box heater to bring up the room temperature would help also.


I’m not so much into reptile keeping as I am into collecting fancy thermostats. Lol


I would try to get them in plastic tubs or enclosers, single pane glass is terrible at holding heat also if you have screen tops heats coming right up and out. 8f plastic was a no go would try getting the tanks into a small grow tent with a small heater in the tent for the winter, make sure the heater is on a thermostat. If I couldnt do that I would use reflective insulation on the tanks with a ceramic heat emiter or a deep heat projector, and cover up as much of the top as i could so heat couldnt escape

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I hear you on that one I just got my first VE X2 :crazy_face:

I have a Herpstat addiction. I have a 6,4,2,2,1. I just completely freed up the 4 and 1. But already claimed two probes off to new racks. It’s a fine balance of snakes, room for snakes and thermostats. I feel like I can never have enough of either.


I would go with a space heater. I use one for my reptile room and it keeps it at a steady 75 degrees in the winter. Mine has a built in thermostat and regulates itself very well. I live up in MN so we experience very cold winters. I picked mine up from Home Depot for 57$ I believe.


That is truth, but I prefer snakes, so that means thermostats are needed :grin:


Yup, move the tanks to the smallest room you have, and heat the room. I use an oil filled register. I found a refurb on Amazon for $26. This one:

I don’t know if they have any used/refurbs at the moment. I have it on a thermostat, and it keeps my 200 sq ft +/- room at constant 80 degrees.

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I second the oil filled radiator. I use them to heat my aviary, the heaters are very safe and don’t dry the air like other types of heater. I have found them at HomeDepo, Amazon and Walmart.

What thermostats do you all recommend for your oil registers? Mine kicks at 1500W, and I understand I should only use on/off thermostats for space heaters. Is the VE high-power the only option? What other high quality options are out there?