Wishlist Filter

Is MM planning on eventually adding a filter to the wish list?

Not on the list view, but the grid view.

Are you a wishlist hoarder like me​:joy::joy:


Originally I was going to say, I think without redesigning the whole page it would be rather tricky.

On the list view we have sort by filters along the top row.

It is basically a excel spreadsheet.

With the grid view there are no options to choose from to sort by.

But I’m sure it would be possible to just “copy and paste” that row into the grid view some way.

I was asking for the grid view cause I’m a visual buyer lol. Screw the genes, I want a good looking snake!

But in all seriousness the grid view just needs a few lines of coded edited to display like the main search. I’m just throwing out the idea that it might be helpful to some (mainly me it seems) to be able to view snakes in the grid and then filter; example I have like 200+ snakes in my wishlist. I want to filter and just see females under $2k. You can do that in the main search without an issue, but on the wishlist I’m going through like 10 pages to see what I have. I also noticed on the list viewpoint it will only sort that pages list - not the entire wishlist (like I once thought).


+1 lol :grin: