Wishlist Sharing and editing

As it nears the holiday season, I was curious to know if MorphMarket would consider adding the ability to share user wishlists on popular social media sites, through a link on email, etc?

I was also wondering if the lists can be edited? Some snakes on my wishlist are no longer available, yet they are still on my wishlist, just crossed out. Some I have changed my mind on and wish to remove.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful forum and website! As a buyer, this site is such a great tool in connecting me to breeders and learning about different morphs and combos.

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You can remove a snake from your wishlist by clicking on it, going to the listing page, and then clicking on the wish list button. If it’s already on, clicking it a second time will toggle it off.

That said, it would be nice to have an option to remove things from the wishlist page, maybe multiple items at once. I would also like the ability to share my wishlist on social media.


@kap91, public/sharable wishlists is an interested idea and I’ve put it on our list.

As @the_rotten1 mentioned, you can remove items from your wishlist but we know it’s not that convenient. We do plan to add bulk editing of this list in the future.


I was just going to create a new thread to make this suggestion when I figured it might make sense to do a search first. I’m glad this is on the To Do list. I’d love the ability to quickly remove snakes from my wish list without having to click into the listing.

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