Wobble and temperament association?

I’m fairly new to the BP community - I got an OD Enchi Spider last summer and, though she was gorgeous, she had a pretty bad temperament despite working with her for several months, including giving her her space. Meanwhile, my husband’s piebald was chill since the day he got him. Her husbandry was fine, multiple hides, proper humidity and temperature and she ate live mice weekly - so all of that aside, I was curious if there is an association with the wobble and temperament? The wobble itself wasn’t even that bad, in that I didn’t mind it and it didn’t affect her feeding at all. She was just real hissy and struck at me and my husband no matter what.

I’m not looking to breed, I’m just interested in a chill male to raise. I’ve spent hours and hours looking for the right male with a really cool patterning (within my budget), and I can’t help but lean towards snakes that have either the HGW or champagne gene. However, I’m not interested in having the same situation as last time.

I know a lot of it is probably just luck of the draw and I know I’ve seen “nice” ball pythons with a wobble, but is there an increased association with balls being hissy and having a wobble?

I do not believe there is a correlation between a bad temperament and wobble. There are certain Gene’s that wobble (some do, some don’t)
Such as, Spider, HGW, etc. Its possible to have a “chill” example of the gene that still wobbles

To the contrary, I have often heard people remark that Spiders have notoriously good temperaments.


From what I have seen, wobble doesnt cause any increase or decrease in ill tempered animals. I’ve seen a bunch of docile spiders in peoples collections and then I have seen a few that try to take your finger off. It really seems to be luck of the draw.

Thank y’all for the reply! I haven’t seen anywhere that there was a correlation or not, but I figured this would be the place to get a definitive answer. I was curious whether the gene makes them more prone to stress and perhaps therefore more likely to strike or be ready to strike all the time, but it seems like it might just be more related to chance.

I appreciate the input!