Woma ball python gene

Who here works with the woma gene? Not jungle woma not hgw just woma. I like the gene and work with it a bit and just curious who else and the projects they are doing with it

Fewer than I once had but I still work with them

Yeah i believe we use to talk about them through messenger. What projects are you doing with it this season?

I have one ready to ovulate now. Firefly woma paired to pinstripe piebald


Im expecting 2 this year. Cinnamon woma clown x mojave het clown and a pastel puzzle x woma

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Nothing too dramatic and I am not optimistic that either are going to go

Candino Woma x RedStripe het Candy
Acid Mojave x BlkPastel Cypress Woma

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Does you cypress woma have any issues? I was pairing a ghi cypress x super enchi lesser woma and was told it was bad breeding cypress to the wobbler genes

Definitely has an exacerbated wobble - often sits with his front half corkscrewed upside down, misses about one in five strikes, spazzes out when surprised…


Ok thanks. I stopped pairing them and hope she didnt take