World firsts

What are the best/most reliable sources to see if you have a world first?
I know of genetic wizard but it doesn’t always seem to have them registered. Or is the most reliable way to just ask around if anyone else has produced the same snake?

Some people dont always post their worlds first so sometimes you can only assume you made that potential worlds first. As far as best sites to see if you have a worlds I would wait for the mods or large scale breeders to respond because I have yet to make a worlds first.

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To be perfectly honest there really isn’t a completely reliable source. World of ball pythons is a good source however, there are several combos on there that are mislabeled. Most breeders anymore don’t even bother with the hastle of listing things as “worlds first”.

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We could do this on MorphMarket, but seems like such as hassle to maintain largely because it’s so hard to prove. Especially, going back in time.


Fully agree with you @john. That is main reason most of the breeders who have been in for awhile don’t even bother with trying to label something as a “Worlds First” anymore.