Would love some ID opinions on this clutch

I’ve been looking forward to this clutch for a while. I’m working towards making the Abyss Pied. The pairing was Mahogany Pied X GHI Het. Pied. I have a pretty good idea on what most of these are, but I’d like to hear from others as well. Thanks in advance!


Can you add pictures of the parents?

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I’m not positive that these are right but here is my opinion.

  1. Het Pied
  2. Piebald
  3. Piebald
  4. Mahogany Het Pied
  5. GHI Mahogany Het Pied (it doesn’t look like one but there’s nothing else it could be unless there’s a hidden gene)
  6. Mahogany Pied
  7. GHI Het Pied

Some additional notes on the parents that may be helpful:

Female raised by me from a 100g hatchling. First time ever paired and only paired with this male. I have 3 total clutches from this male and two more that should be laid soon. So far nothing odd (ie hidden gene) in any of the clutches. Male was produced from Mahogany Pied X Het Pied, female from GHI X Pied.

Thanks for your opinion! Hopefully, I can get a few more.

  1. Mahogany
  2. Pied
  3. Pied
  4. GHI
  5. GHI Mahogany
  6. Pied
  7. GHI Mahogany
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Thanks for the opinion! Now that I have 2, let me say what my thoughts were.

  1. Mahogany Het. Pied
  2. Pied
  3. Pied
  4. GHI Het. Pied
  5. GHI Mahogany Het. Pied
  6. GHI Pied
  7. GHI Mahogany Het. Pied

A few notes:

#1 is quite dark. When I cut the egg I thought Normal het, but after shed changed my mind.
#2 and #3 seem like normal pied to me. I just don’t see GHI or Mahogany anywhere much to my disappointment.
#4 seems like a GHI all day.
#5 was exactly what I was expecting for a GHI Mahogany.
#6 is the really hard one for me. It doesn’t look like a normal pied, but I don’t see Mahogany. So leaning toward GHI Pied even though I would definitely prefer Mahogany Pied. :slight_smile:
#7 looks like a lower expression of #5

Anyone else have comments or opinions? I find it all very constructive.