Yet Another Request For ID help

I bought a Banana het clown female and bred her to a Firefly Leopard Clown male. That alone gives me many possibilities for combos, and to add to that her previous owner had paired her once or twice with a mahogany clown male before they sold her, so I have to consider that as well in trying to identify these babies.

I have a ton of baby pics but I will just put the group photo here for now and I can add more later if it’s helpful. Also, the assumed parents that I paired together are the top two images.

It’s mostly the darker bananas that I’m unsure of but I also am not sure about identifying fire in some of these. I really appreciate your help and opinions. Identification is not my strong suit when there are multiple morphs involved!


Individual pics of each baby would definitely be helpful, but we’ll be able to ID them much better once they’ve had their first shed, as that’s when color really sets in! Based on the group photo, I’m seeing two firefly clowns, a banana clown, a banana leopard firefly het clown, a leopard fire, a leopard pastel possible fire, and what looks like a single gene banana or possibly banana leopard. I’m not seeing any mahogany. If you can update with individual photos after first shed, we can help you nail down IDs.


Welcome @diamondserpents to the forum! Those babies are awesome! Someone will be along to help you with ids.

Congratulations on those beautiful babies! :+1::blush:


I took pictures last night that are post shed. I will add them. I also have pics of bellies and sides etc. if needed. Thank you for your help!


Okay, in order of the pictures you posted:
(5) Leopard fire het clown (this one is a bit wacky, I’m wondering if there might be YB in the lineage on the sire’s side, but could also just be het clown influence)
(4) This one is gorgeous. Looks like a pastel banana clown paradox. Most of the patterning is banana but the dark splotches around the dorsal and the slight black eyebrow headstamp is coming through as pastel clown. REALLY awesome animal.
(7) Firefly clown, could be leopard? Would need to see pics of sides.
(6) Banana leopard pastel prob fire het clown
(1) Pastel clown definitely, I’m questioning the rest but if you have pictures of the sides, it could be fire as well.
(3) Leopard pastel het clown, possible fire
(2) banana clown, probable fire.


Yes, I’m not sure why they uploaded in that order. I agree with everything you said! Makes total sense. Except I probably would’ve labeled the paradox one as het clown, so that’s interesting. It’s not often that a recessive gene is questionable! Here are the pics of sides you mentioned as well.


I think the paradox one is worth doing genetic testing on, really. I don’t know that you would know for sure if it’s visual or het without doing that.


Okay, based on those pictures I don’t believe either of the pastel combo clowns have leopard.

Totally agree on genetic testing. I actually wonder if different sections of shed would come back as different with het vs. hom. The banana without clown is definitely the strongest expression, but that animal absolutely has part of a clown headstamp and color and blushing down the body consistent with pastel clown. Really cool, I’d love to see updates on how that one grows.


4 is absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky to have produced such a great animal!


Actually number 1 is my :star_struck:! But ALL of them or any one of them I would take!!! :+1:


All beauties. I don’t see Clown in #4 but boy o boy it’s def :fire: :fire: :fire: