Your YouTube channel

Hi guys.
Do any of you have YouTube channels?

I spend a lot of my day watching snake videos on YouTube but I’ve sort of stuck to the same few guys that I watch and I’d be more than happy to watch anyone new just for the fresh content. It would also be nice to put a character to the usernames on here.

Even if you don’t have a channel of your own, still chirp in with who your favourite YouTuber (reptile-wise) is and maybe even your favourite/ most educational video.

Who I currently watch:

Snake Discovery
Mutation Creation
Muscle Serpents University

Anyway, have a nice day/night depending where you are.

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We have one (MotleyMorphs on youtube) that kind of just follows our lives in the reptile hobby with informational bits here and there.


i will get watching right away :slight_smile: thank you.

just to be sure, is this the right one?

yup thats the one!

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I like the pumpkin idea, its a fun bit of brain stimulation. Harley seemed to enjoy it :smiley:

JKR and BILLY are my go tos

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The thing i have noticed with Billy that really stands out is his cleanliness, while doing one thing with one hand he is wiping/dusting/cleaning with his other.
his enthusiasm gets me excited sometimes as if i was the one in his shoes.

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You should watch Brian Kusko
Luv him and what he stands for

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I’ll definitely give him a watch. Thank you :grin:

Personally my favorite is Matt with Olympus reptiles. I haven’t seen anyone else that is completely transparent with their operation and show the good bad and ugly. Everyone makes the yay go me videos when they crush the odds on a clutch but since I want to have realistic expectations of what the hobby and business is really like I like someone that shares all their laying/hatching numbers, successes and failures and I’ve learned a lot.

That being said while he is the only guy I watch every single video for I love dabbling through many of the bigger channels mentioned above as well, so many years of knowledge and experience are really awesome to see.

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