Zebra Ball Python New Mutation to be added please [Done]

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Species: Ball Python
Name of Gene: Zebra
First produced by whom: Adam Chesla & Steve Roussis
Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Recessive
In complex with other genes?: No
Other names/aliases for it?: None
Pattern and Color Genetic Mutation

Appearance: Zebras have extremely clean and bright unique “zebra patterned bands/striping” and also have a unique full body cream/gold type coloration and blushings with intense colored/white pixelated scales that come up into the patterning and sides.

Proven: The gene has been produced in many clutches over many years with visuals and 100% hets to prove it being a recessive mutation

**Related Genes: none
Problems: no problems at all, its a very strong gene


I am having issues getting pics posted here but I will be posting ads of Zebras on MM that can be used as reference. Thanks


I’d love to see more pics of these when you can upload them. How did you come by it if it’s existed since 2005? What other combos (visuals) have you tried with it? Have you made any available for sale yet?

Ugh now I need one…


Do you have any single gene zebras?


Hello, here is a link to the full description for the Zebra Gene and a lot of Zebra pics. Enjoy



I have a question, if it’s a recessive how do the hets have such a huge influence on looks? It appears as a co-dom, what made the change to recessive? I always thought it has been that heterozygous animals have no visual effects besides a slight marker like some het pieds do, all the hets you posted for sale have a huge influence on the way the animals look, correct me if I’m wrong just trying to understand how they look so different from any other het genes


I noticed that immediately too. I even emailed Adam and he said there are animals with strong makers. His reasoning was that there are some animals who don’t show strong markers, but if they show any markers at all they should be inc-dom. I very strongly believe Zebra should be considered inc-dom and not recessive