Zeus the Marvelous Mystery Corn

So this is the snake I posted in my last random topic, my excited idiot Zeus. He was sold to us as a normal with possible Hets. He’s nothing like a normal lacking a lot of the typical blacks and oranges you would normally see. Instead he’s mostly red with this wicked side fade with his underbelly starting out pure white and then going into this gravely color thats almost iridescent depending on lighting. Out of all my corns he’s the most exciting cause we just don’t know what he’s capable of giving us. Take your best guess at what he could be, for now I’m just calling him a Red Phase but even that doesn’t seem completely right.


Zeus looks to be a hypo.

If he is a Hypo there’s still the gravel belly scales instead of the usual checker that still isn’t typically seen in a hypo… At least I’ve never seen one without the checker pattern.

Looks like a Keys phase Normal to me. May have multiple unknown hets of course.

Corns with Keys heritage often have split or missing belly checkers (there are definitely a few random orange checkers at the edges of Zeus belly in that third picture) as well as having a hypo type appearance and a bronze ground colour.

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This is what his back half belly scales look like. Otherwise he has a pure white front half belly with only the tiniest black flecks scattered. No checks anywhere. Just gravel back half and white front half.

These blue circled bits are broken checkers. He doesn’t have many, but as I say, that isn’t uncommon in animals with keys heritage.

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I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I never saw that as broken checkers considering his belly is an absolute mess (which is why I call it gravel). Thanks for the input!