1 of 1 in the World

This boy is extremely rare. He is only 1 of 1 in the world right now. He is a blonde anthrax tiger.

The blonde gene has kind of gotten forgotten about do to the Mochino and Orange glow animals, but blondes are personally, my favorite albino period.

This boy took me over 6 years to produce. I raised up a pair of double hets from babies. Bred them for the first time, 35 eggs and completely missed the double recessive. The next season, we tried again got a little smaller clutch, and we made 1!!! It was an amazing feeling and we actually captured it all on camera which can be seen in the video below:


And he was a he!!
What are your futures plans with him? He’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Im not sure yet. I have a platinum phantom het blonde female I would love to pair him to. Possibly even to my big goldenchild cow. Really the possibilities are endless with this boy.


How lucky to hit Male too!
Can’t wait to see future babies, following your YouTube now also, some brilliant videos on there!


He is stunning, congrats on getting a male too! He will definitely produce some :fire:babies in the future and I look forward to seeing them.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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Just checked out your youtube as well! You have some great stuff! Pretty animals!! :fire:

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The thought of you producing Blonde Cows in the future… :joy:

Congrats, I really like the blonde albinos. They add such, to me a color that is different then normal albinos.


He is an absolute screamer! Breathtaking! :fire::fuelpump::heart_eyes_cat:


The plan is to make some Blonde GC Cows eventually. I have an almost breeder ready female Platinum Phantom 100% Het blonde. I am working on making some GC het blonde/hogs as well.


I appreciate that!!! Thank you!

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